Voice Over IP Internet Telephone

Increase functionality with lower costs


As broadband Internet brings highspeed data to clinic and homes, shifting from the traditional analogue copper wire telephone system (plain-old-telephone or POTS) over to a digital Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) system that uses your Internet connection to make phone calls will give you the features of a corporate-level PBX phone system at reduced costs.

Why do you need an enterprise-level phone system? Because it costs the same or less per traditional land line, and you can have unlimited simultaneous calls. Everyone can have a line and no need to share. You can also do many fancy things that the big boys do, like an interactive voice recording system (IVR), voicemail boxes, or call center round robin.




Our favourite is VoIP.ms, a company based in Quebec and Mexico. They offer great features, low prices, and are always improving their offerings. In the next few articles, we will discuss some features of VoIP.ms and how to set up your own VoIP system for your office or home.

Head over to VoIP.ms and sign up for an account. You don't pay anything until you start using minutes. It is pay as you go, pay-by-the-second, that is deducted from any set amount of dollars you want to put on your account.