Hosted Solutions

Managed IT...Headache free

If you do not want the hassle, or you do not have the interest or expertise in managing your own server and IT solutions, please contact us for further assistance. We can help you set your EMR (as well as other servers) and host them for you, so you can focus on practicing your profession.

Active Directory Services

The basis of any easily managed office computer systems starts with a centralized username login system such as Microsoft Windows Active Directory or an alternate LDAP system. This allows you to issue only one username and password that can login to other applications (ie. network file server, email) on the network.

We can help you set up Windows Server and/or Univention Corporate Server.

Electronic medical record system

We can install and host the open source version electronic medical record and host it for you. You can access it with an Internet connection.

We can set up direct lab result download from the major labs LifeLabs and Dynacare.

Video Conferencing / Virtual Care private servers

Get better than industry standard video conferencing capabilities for your virtual care platform with a private Jitsi Meet server.

Electronic Fax System

We can help convert your traditional fax machine to receiving digitally scanned faxes that you can upload to your EMR.

If you prefer to keep your own landline and receive faxes in your clinic (but have a digitally managed fax solution), we use Hylafax and Avantfax.

If you prefer to convert fully to Internet e-faxing, we can help you set up SRFax.

Clinic Website

We can also help you build a webpage built using Wordpress or Joomla, which you can freely update and manage yourself.

Private Email System

If you care about privacy, and do not want to archive your clinic emails on Google or your Internet provider's email portal (ie. Rogers Yahoo), we can help you set up your own Email server with Zimbra.

Private Cloud Drive

If you care about privacy and want to have control over your own files, but still want a simple system of sharing files, we can help you set up your own cloud-like file sharing system (similar to Dropbox or GoogleDrive) with Nextcloud.

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